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Microsoft Office 365 FAQ

What is Office 365?
Office 365 is a cloud-based service from Microsoft that provides students with services such as email, calendaring, contact management, and task management.

How long will the conversion to Office 365 take?
The estimated completion date for the conversion is June 13th.

Will my email address change?
No. Your email address will remain the same: Your Key Account login, followed by

First Name: John
Middle Initial: A.
Last Name: Doe

Email Address:

What will happen to my email?
All existing email, contacts, files, and other personal information will migrate in the conversion to Office 365.

Can I still check my email during the conversion?
If you are a current student at Wake Tech and have an active email account, you can still log in
at and access your email during the conversion, as well as SkyDrive and Messenger.

New students will not have access until the conversion is complete. The estimated completion date is June 13th.

I'm a current student trying to check my email during the conversion, but I'm getting a message that my account can't be used to access What happened?
If you were you using to log into your email, the link is no longer valid. If you receive that message, you will need to log out using the sign out link in the error message (you will see Please click here to sign out...), and go to to sign in.*

*For more information, please see the article Why Can't I Log Into My Email, located in the Student Knowledge Base.

When the conversion is complete, how will I access my email?
To access your email, you will continue to log in at You will see the Office 365 login page.

How much email storage will I have?
With Office 365, you will get 25GB inbox of free email storage.

How large can my attachments be?
With Office 365, you can send attachments as large as 25MB.

What is my user name and password for Office 365?
To log into Office 365, your user name will be your Key Account login, followed by

First Name: John
Middle Initial: A.
Last Name: Doe

Email Address:

Your password will be your Key Account password (the same password you use for My Wake Tech, WebAdvisor, and Blackboard)*.

*If you are using your default password (WTCC#[7-digit student ID Number]) or a separate password to log into your email, your password will synch with your current Key Account password after the conversion is completed on June 13th.

Where will I go to access my SkyDrive files?
To access your OneDrive files, you will have to go to Your login will be the same login you use for Office 365.

How much storage do I have on OneDrive?
With Office 365, you will have 7GB of free cloud-based storage, accessible from anywhere.

I'm getting two separate accounts?
After the conversion is complete, students will have two separate accounts:

  1. A Wake Tech Office 365 Account - allows access to your school email. This account will be used to access your email.
  2. A personal Microsoft account - allows access to OneDrive, Messenger, and other Microsoft Services. This account will give you access to all existing OneDrive content, Messenger, and other Microsoft services.

You'll sign into both accounts with the same email address and password as stated above.

What browsers are supported for Office 365?
The following browsers are supported for Office 365:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10
  • Latest release version of Google Chrome
  • Latest release version of Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari 5 or later

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