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How To: Set My Security Questions and Answers (Students)

The following article will assist you in setting your security questions and answers. Having your security questions selected and answered is required before you're able to change your password.

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  1. Go to, and log in with your Key Account Username and Password (the same Username and Password you use for WebAdvisor and Blackboard).

    NOTE: Without logging in, you can also go to, and click the What's my password link located below the Password field on the main page.

  2. Once logged in, click the blue button labeled Change Password.

  3. On the next page, you will be given the password criteria to use when resetting your password. Since we're only concerned with setting our security questions and answers, click the red button labeled Procede to Password Change. This will take you to the Password Reset and Activation Page.

  4. On the Password Reset and Activation Page, enter your Key Account Login, Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY format), First and Last Name, and your Wake Tech ID Number. Click the Submit button.

    NOTE: If you're unsure of what your Key Account Login is, click the link What's my User ID? located underneath the Key Account Login field. If you're unsure of what your Wake Tech ID Number is, click the link What's my ID Number? located underneath the Wake Tech ID Number field.

  5. On the next page, you must select and answer 3 security questions. The next time you reset your password, you will be prompted to answer 1 of the 3 security questions you selected. The question is random each time.

    NOTE: Your answers are case-sensitive. Make sure your answers are unique and easy to remember.

    When you have selected and answered your 3 questions, click the Submit button.

At this point, you can reset your password, or you can close the browser window or tab.

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